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3D Printing Process and Technology Integration

Next Generation Manufacturing


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Business Strategy 

Organizational Change Management

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3D Printing has moved into the manufacturing mainstream.  The companies that can quickly adopt these next generation manufacturing strategies will stay competitive in the rapidly emerging digital marketplace.


3D Printing Process & Technology Integration

Additive Manufacturing offers the ultimate in design and manufacturing freedom. 3D printing has already proven its value in several diverse manufacturing industries because it reduces development time and overall production cost. Direct digital manufacturing is here and growing. Manufacturing industries are riding a new digital technology wave, underpinned by a rapidly changing business landscape. 3D Printing will continue to shape the way products can be designed, manufactured, and delivered moving forward. Our expertise lies in the ability to match the right type of technologies with your specific product requirements. 

Next Generation Manufacturing


The manufacturing industry is on the vanguard of a new industrial revolution worldwide. Progressive companies are rapidly adopting the use of direct digital manufacturing strategies like 3D printing. These technologies are forging closer connections between customers, design and manufacturing in order to stay competitive worldwide. The rapid digitization of products is driving new innovation and competition every day.

Technologies and platforms can become obsolete very quickly impacting on your business. We can help plan and migrate your systems to take advantage of new digital manufacturing techniques.

3D Design & Product Development

Forward looking companies are accelerating their product development cycles, increasing productivity, and reducing production cost by leveraging the power 3D Design and Development strategies. In today's competitive environment large companies as well as solitary individuals can create customized products that are not only well designed and reasonably priced, but highly differentiated or personalized for very narrow market segments. Our experts can show you how to navigate the rapidly changing digital thread and focus these types of technologies into your core business successfully.


Business Strategy


Defining business strategy and objectives aligned with vision, mission and values:

  • Identify/confirm business vision, mission and values

  • Identify business objectives – align with strategy

  • Identify process/business changes required to realize objectives

  • Document future state process, changes required and planned steps to achieve

Organizational Change Management


Realizing the benefits of delivered strategic initiatives with minimal disruption to the business and its people.

Manage organizational change via integrated Change Strategy and Plan to address:

  • Business impacts and mitigation plans

  • Sponsorship

  • Communication

  • Training

  • Business readiness

Program/Project Management


Managing delivery of strategic initiatives (technology, process, product) to achieve defined business objectives.  


Manage program/project objectives and deliverables:

  • Timeline

  • Scope

  • Resources

  • Budget

  • Strategic Alignment


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