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BISventures' recognized ability to deliver outstanding value is directly related to effectively partnering with customers to understand their business and technology objectives. Helping clients to assess, define, and seamlessly deploy solutions integrated across people, process, and technology.


Kevin Abernathy is a consultant with over 30 years of expertise in high level CAD/CAM and Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) technologies.  Abernathy spent part of his career in the research and development division of the Jostens Corporation, a company specializing in the manufacture of high-volume customized karat gold products for the collegiate and professional athletic markets. His deep interest and passion for next generation CAD/CAM and Additive Manufacturing technologies has driven him to become a leader and a mentor in the field. Over the span of his career, he has provided design and consulting services for a broad spectrum of companies and industries. He is a co-applicant on several patents relating to the use of additive manufacturing in jewelry production. 

"Enabling companies to create and manage business opportunities by applying new digital technologies for the design and manufacture of products."
Kevin Abernathy
"Helping business identify, execute and realize strategic results"
Elisabeth Anglin Abernathy

Multi-faceted business management professional with broad experience across the operations of financial, pharmaceutical, medical device, retail, travel/transportation, government and insurance industries.  Adept at building key relationships with senior-level executives, exemplifying a solid track record of delivering business value on time and within budget, positioning client companies in the forefront with their products/services and the development of their people. A proven leader with demonstrated ability to effectively manage and implement change within an organization, establish enduring relationships based on mtutual respect and build high-performance, dedicated work teams.  Broad spectrum of relationship and quality skills utilized throughout career.


MBA - MIS and Operations Management

Prosci Certified

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt (trained)

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